Wonderbook Book of Spells From Sony Playstation Debuts at E3

The big news for family-friendly gaming at E3 this year is from Sony Playstation – Wonderbook is the next generation of AR (Augmented Reality), using a set of symbols that interact with the PS3 camera to create a fantasy world right in your living room.

Wonderbook Book of Spells Classroom from Sony Playstation

The first title that will launch the Wonderbook is Book of Spells, written by J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. The Book of Spells teaches the player (the wizard, if you will) how to perform spells using the Move controller – all in the context of a game. It’s a rich experience that can be shared with anyone else in the room. In fact, they’re calling it a “magic mirror” experience because the player will see themselves on the TV screen, but it won’t look like their normal living room. Aspects of the book come to live virtually because of the AR and seem to fly around the room for all to see.

Wonderbook Book of Spells from Sony Playstation

It’s a fantastic first look at this brand new game style which is due out for Holiday 2012. Sony made a great decision in partnering with Rowling, since it makes the Wonderbook experience one not only kids will love, but I predict the legions of Potter fans of all ages will love the whimsy of it and the little tidbits of Potter lore.

{I was given a private demo of Wonderbook at E3 because I’m a member of Playstation Family.}

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